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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spa party, Budapest

So if you look down to my very first post on this blog you'll see that I planned to come to Hungary to go to this Sparty (Spa-party). It was called a New Years party but in fact it was on the 30th December - but that just meant extra partying :) 

On the day i decided to walk to the Spa area because there is a famous monument (hero's square) and a large park with an ice-skating rink. Unfortunately the ice skating rink was closed :( but i walked around and took some photos of the park and had a fried pancake (Lángos) with some hot mulled wine - perfect for a cold day. 

I went back to the apartment and rested for a while, it was quite a long walk and i had a long night ahead. Later in the evening i met with another Couch Surfer from the US who was also going to the event. I tried some Hungarian alcohol that was sweetened with honey and herbs and then we had some more mulled wine before leaving.

We got there late and realized that there was a massive line! But luckily Stephanie was able to get us right in somehow, so i was very lucky. We quickly got undressed and jumped into the pool, it was freezing outside so we were keen to warm up. The water was amazing and the whole place was so beautiful with the steam from the pools and the lasers. There was a DJ and two massive baths outside, the first had a jet spa thing which was fun and the second was slightly deeper and warmer. Both were nice but i think i preferred the warmer one, it was a bit less crowded (and closer to the bar). We danced, drank and took many videos with my GoPro (sadly most photos didn't really turn out but that was to be expected). Later i will make a video and upload it, probably in a few days when i am on the train). 

Overall it was a great night, we stayed until closing (3am) and then caught the tram home. I was exhausted but it was worth it, i ended up sleeping in until 4pm the next day!

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