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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prague round 2


The second day of my Prague experience was also quite enjoyable, i walked up to castle hill where i saw the guards change and enjoyed the view (first pic). Slowly i walked down the famous bridge noticing all the local people were rubbing certain parts of the statues for whatever reason. not wanting to miss out on this luck i too rubbed the feet or other parts as if i knew what was going on. After this i walked around the city, looked at shops, saw some people shooting what looked to be a Sherlock Holms movie, saw many buskers including some people playing with giant bubbles, people dressed as American Indians  and many playing music. It was a nice day with lots of walking involved.

On my final day in Prague I met with someone from Couch Surfing who was also visiting the city. We couldn't find each other at first so I enjoyed McDonald's free wifi while i had a coffee. Eventually we met and decided to go to the Medieval torture museum. You know that feeling you get on the bottom of your feet when you're watching a movie and something violent and painful happens? Well that was basically the experience i had the whole time visiting this tourist-trap. It was an interesting look at the idiocy of people back then, I wont go into details of these devices but safe to say i am certainly glad i was born in this era. Next we decided to go to Petrin tower which involves walking up a large hill and then climbing a further 300 steps. But the view was nice - being able to see the whole city, river, "castle" and parks and we enjoyed some more hot wine and trdelnik (traditional pastry - second pic) on returning to the city. In the evening my host, myself and two other couch surfers went for a drink. Their story was a cute one, a couple - the girl Japanese and the boy French but since the girl spoke neither English nor French and the boy didn't know Japanese they communicated in Korean as that was the country they met. After a few drinks i yammered on for a good while in Japanese (poorly i'm sure) and we head back to the apartment. 

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