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Friday, January 24, 2014

My time in Serbia

My time in Serbia started with a train ride from Budapest. While uneventful it was my first experience going to a new country via train which was kinda fun. I was greeted by an old friend whom i met in Japan on my exchange time in 2011-2012. (This blog will feature several people i met during that time.) I was fortunate enough to be able to stay with my friend who showed me around Belgrade and introduced me to many new foods including Kajmak (similar to clotted cream which we put on toast), Ajvar (paprika spread), Alva (a sweet nutty desert), Cevapcici (described on the menu as "meat fingers") and several sweets including the second photo above and a previous video i posted with a huge crepe.

I visited several things in Belgrade including the Belgrade fortress (first photo), Military museum, an interesting cafe where i drank "Gypsy coffee" and bar where i was exposed to Serbian music. The most unique experience i had in Serbia was probably the Orthodox Christmas eve celebrations, if you happen to be curious check out the video i posted earlier with the bonfire.

I am really quite slow with updating this blog and for that i apologize, i'm too busy having an awesome time! If you want to see more of my adventure click on one of the above links to my other frequently used social networking sites (deviantart, flickr, tumblr, youtube etc).

Hope everyone in Australia is enjoying the summer - i'm rather cold :p

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