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Friday, January 31, 2014


Berlin at night
Vegetarian curry wurst

Transit is pretty boring, trains are best but bus is still best but bus is still better than plane (wifi!). Mostly I read, listen to music, watch movies try to connect to wifi and sometimes edit photos or write blog entries. It was night arriving into Germany so there wasn't much to look at and the police came in when we crossed the boarder to check passports.

Arriving at the station some kind person offered me a lift to the place i was staying, it was really out of his way and he sure paid a lot in taxi fare so i was super grateful. It's nice to be reminded that there are good people out there. My host was nice too and we went for a city walk after i arrived. It was a nice area and he pointed out where the Berlin wall was, supermarket etc.

The next morning i walked to the wall, there is some really beautiful art painted on it. There is a lot of street art in Berlin and i enjoyed just walking around the city and taking a few photos. Curry wurst is a popular fast food here and while i am open to trying new foods i was really excited to find vegetarian curry wurst (second picture). It's basically a vegetarian sausage with some curry sauce on it - nothing too extraordinary but a nice snack. Later i went into the main part of the city and saw the world clock and did some window shopping. On my way back i took some night shots of the city near the river (first picture).

My second day i had planned to visit some museums, it was a nice way to spend a cold day and Berlin has many interesting museums. One thing i find fascinating is the evolution of what is considered beautiful. It's a shame really, what constitutes beauty these days is actually not very natural. Oh well. After some shopping and playing with new makeup i went out for a drink at a local bar.

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