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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Budapest market, Hungary

On the first day of the year not much happened. There is a belief in Hungary though, that if your first meal of the day is lentil soup you will have riches for the year. Naturally that is what i wanted to do. My host Robert asked his mother how to cook it and we went to the store to get the ingredients. I helped by chopping onion but the recipe was quite simple Lentil soup recipe. Not much else happened this day, it was relaxing and preparing for the next country.
The next day i decided to go to the market and get my souvenirs, Hungary is famous for a few things including paprika, embroidery and painted eggs. It was a nice day so i decided to walk across the Danube river. There is a church inside a cave so i decided to check it out and from on top it is quite a nice view. After this i went to Margaret Island and walked around before heading back to the main part of the city. By this point i was quite hungry and got some Hungarian Goulash which was quite nice. Evening fell and the city lit up once again, and i finally took the opportunity to take some photos of the Christmas lights before i left. 
My final day in Budapest was super foggy, i didn't manage much before my train to Serbia so i decided to take some photos of the chain bridge in the fog. Every time i leave a country i feel like there were things i didn't get the chance to do, but that can't be helped. I enjoyed my time in Hungary and it was the perfect beginning to this trip.

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